Protecting Your Computer from Phishers and Hackers

Protecting Your Computer from Phishers and Hackers

Are You Protecting Your Computer from Hacker Invasions?

Scammers, phishers, and hackers all have one goal in mind: to get inside your computer and take as much personal information from you as they can. It is your job, though, to not let this happen but to guard against every suspicious email, online newsletter, and popup that you find on the World Wide Web. However, sometimes hackers and phishers do successfully plant Trojan Horses as well as other viruses, like Worms, on your computer. If that happens, sometimes your computer will crash. On the other hand, you can also clean out your computer on a daily basis that will help you to get rid of every little piece of Trojan viruses and adware that can be found on your computer. There are several things that you should not be without when you run your computer on a daily basis, and all of these programs are designed to keep your computer clean.

Personal Firewall

The first and foremost program that you should keep on your computer is a personal firewall. Firewalls run in the background while you surf the internet and they prevent hackers, adware and trojan viruses from invading your computer. Some of these programs will alert you when they have successfully stopped a piece of adware or virus in its tracks, although some will just block them automatically when they’re detected. A couple of the better personal firewalls that you can download for free on the internet include the AVG Free Edition and Avast! Both of these firewalls will run on your computer and keep it safe from hackers and those who continually try to get into your computer.

Spyware/Adware Removal Programs

There are many programs on the internet designed to keep your computer clean by cleaning out the adware and spyware that’s found on your computer. Isn’t that the job of the personal firewall, though? It is true that the firewall is designed to prevent hackers, adware and viruses from invading your computer, but sometimes it is inevitable that a piece of spyware or adware gets lodged into your computer’s system. These adware removal programs, however, will hunt down, remove, and destroy all of the adware that is found. A couple free programs that can be found on the internet and are also free to consumers include Ad-Aware SE Personal and Spyware Blaster. Both of these programs can be run on a daily basis to clean out your computer.

Registry Cleaners

In addition to adware removal programs, registry cleaners also help to make tweaks in your registry in case harmful files are found that shouldn’t be there. These programs will help find what the spyware and adware removal programs miss and they will get rid of them for you also. Two such programs are called CrapCleaner, abbreviated CCleaner, and RegCleanr. Although they won't protect you from facebook hackers, these programs deeply scan through your computer’s files and registry to get rid of harmful files.

Even though it seems like that there are many programs that you should have on your computer in order to keep it clean, there needs to be many of these programs. Because phishers, hackers, intruders, and scammers are getting all the more clever and have better technology to make more sophisticated programs, these personal firewalls and adware programs must be maintained and used regularly to avoid getting hit with a malicious file or virus that will inevitably destroy your computer!