Facebook password hacker FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about our Facebook Password Hacking Tool

If you’re uncertain about any aspect of the services we’re offering on this website, or you have queries regarding Facebook account hacking, this is where you can expect to find all the answers you need. 

On this page, we compiled most frequent inquiries regarding our Facebook hacking service. Every question you see here is based on questions our past and current clients asked.

If there’s something you want clarified, and it isn’t already on this page, feel free to contact us, or send us an email. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. If/when you send questions, please let us know if it is ok with you that we publish your question and our answer to this page subsequently. We guarantee that none of your personal details will be published on this page.

Which services does your website provide?

Our website provides an online tool for Facebook password hacking. It will enable you to access any Facebook account as long as you have its username. Since our service is an online one, there’s no need for you to download and install any software. There’s no offline hacking either, as our system only needs you to enter the account username in order to hack it. As soon as you do that, our system will start hacking that account. The final result being a password that you will receive directly.

How much do you charge for this service?

Our service is completely free. This online Facebook hacking tool is completely online based, and we offer no direct technical support. We will not and do not undertake any private hacking ourselves. This tool is a self-service Facebook hacking one. We created and set up a system that any person can use to hack anonymously into any account. As our users, you are free to use this tool any way you want.

How much time is necessary for a successful Facebook account hack?

Our hacking software will start running as soon as you enter the username of the Facebook account you wish to get access to and click Continue. After you did that, our tool will take about 30 seconds to hack into the desired Facebook account, and provide login details you requested. When our servers aren’t too busy, this process needs 10 seconds or less to deliver what you requested.

Do unhackable Facebook accounts exist?

Our tool has no specific requirements, so no, there are no such accounts. Our Facebook hacking tool has an almost perfect system.

Having said that, we do have to tell you that our tool won’t retrieve login information successfully 100% of the time. Before going live, we tested it. We hacked about 10.000 Facebook accounts during that phase of our project. Out of that number, only 100 runs were unsuccessful. Meaning that our tool’s success rate is 99%.

Can this software be downloaded?

No. We don’t offer that option for our Facebook hacking tool. Our tool is written in a web-suitable language, and it will not run in any other environment. We prefer to keep our method completely private. That is why we’re only offering this tool as an online service, and that is why there’s no downloadable version.

Is it possible that I’ll get caught for using this tool?

There’s no risk that you’ll be caught while using our Facebook hacking tool. None whatsoever. We designed it so that you stay anonymous throughout the hacking process. This means that we don’t store your personal details in our system during the process. So you are safe from reproach while using our service. Also, that fact means that we have no information whatsoever that we could pass on to web or law enforcement services.

Can I get in a lot of trouble for hacking into an account without the owner’s permission?

Once our hacking tool retrieves the password you asked for, our responsibility ends. What you do with that info subsequently is up to you, and any legal implications that might ensue are your responsibility.

Having said that, we need to tell you that if you use login credentials that you obtained without the permission of the account’s owner, you might experience legal complications. So when you use those credentials you obtained from our tool, you need to be extremely cautious.