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Computer Hackers and How They Work

In today’s world, the term “computer hacker” is used to describe criminals that break into computer systems that they are not authorized to have access to. Despite the stigma that you average person attaches to hackers, the vast majority of them are not all that intelligent. In fact, most self-proclaimed computer hackers are [...] Read more

Hacking Democracy on HBO

HBO began a new run of the Emmy nominated documentary Hacking Democracy (IMDB) in May of 2008 and I was fortunate enough to get to see it again and would recommend anyone who might have concerns about the voting process in America must see it. If you still hold the illusion that George W. Bush was actually elected president watch Hacking Democracy [...] Read more

Hackers Use "Search Bomb" to Attack Scientology

How "Anonymous" Manipulated Search Results Using Anchor Text Scientology has become one of the most controversial “religions” to date. Most people believe that Scientology is nothing more than a scam, disguising itself as religion. Others take Scientology quite seriously. Germany has banned the practice of Scientology, stating that the [...] Read more

Fake ATM at Computer Hackers Convention Spotted Quickly

Attendees Discover Fake ATM at High-Profile Defcon 24 Hackers Convention Have you ever needed money quick and the only ATM was a tiny little ATM machine in the middle of nowhere? You had your doubts as to whether or not it was safe but you took a gamble because you had to have the cash. And maybe that ATM ended up stealing from you later on by [...] Read more