Fake ATM at Computer Hackers Convention Spotted Quickly

Attendees Discover Fake ATM at High-Profile Defcon 24 Hackers Convention

Have you ever needed money quick and the only ATM was a tiny little ATM machine in the middle of nowhere? You had your doubts as to whether or not it was safe but you took a gamble because you had to have the cash. And maybe that ATM ended up stealing from you later on by draining your checking account.

If this happened to you or someone you know, don’t feel too bad about it. Crooks apparently target everyone on the planet, even the most sophisticated and technologically sophisticated among us.

This past weekend some criminals set up a fake ATM machine at the Defcon 24 computer security specialists and hackers conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, according to Forbes.com.

The fake ATM was designed to entice people to insert their bank ATM cards and enter the PIN number. Then the fake ATM would display an error code and the unsuspecting consumer would walk away and try to get money elsewhere. All the while the fake ATM now has the PIN number and the information on the ATM card.

How to Spot a Fake ATM

According to Forbes, the fake ATM was spotted because it had (1) and unbranded shell, (2) a wrong color LED light, and (3) too dark of glass on the front.

One conference attendee shined a light into the fake ATM and could see a little computer inside. That definitely tipped everyone off that the ATM was fake and the police were called right away.

The ATM was purposefully placed in the only place in the conference where the security cameras could not see it, in a blind spot near the hotel security office, according to computer world magazine. Maybe the bad guys thought that their fake ATM would not get noticed because it was located next to a security office, as if that fact would deter anyone from investigating.

Tips for You

Let this incident be a warning to everyone that you can never trust everything that has the label ATM. Always be careful where you put your ATM card and your PIN.

Try to avoid ATM machines that are not attached to physical banks. Also be careful when an ATM looks different from normal ATMs, in the way they are designed or what they look like.

You can never be too careful with your money and your bank card. Be careful out there.

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