Hacking Democracy on HBO

HBO began a new run of the Emmy nominated documentary Hacking Democracy (IMDB) in May of 2008 and I was fortunate enough to get to see it again and would recommend anyone who might have concerns about the voting process in America must see it. If you still hold the illusion that George W. Bush was actually elected president watch Hacking Democracy and then still tell me that with a straight face.

Hacking Democracy originally aired on HBO in 2006 and went on to be nominated for an Emmy award in the category OUTSTANDING INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM - LONG FORM in 2007. HBO is running it again as the next election draws near and as their new docu-drama Recount is about to air. Both are must see viewing for Americans concerned about voting in America.

We often hear the term "voter fraud" thrown about in the media and by the right as justification for tighter controls on voters, including ID requirements. What you don't hear about so much is actually election fraud. Most states regard the potential that someone is actually going through the trouble to vote illegally as so minor as to not even warrant concern. Election fraud, however, has played a pivotal role in every national election since 2000. From keeping people away from the voting booth through manipulation or intimidation to the attorney scandal forcing Alberto Gonzales to resign to the questionable imprisonment of a governor, the shenanigans have actually been well documented.

Hacking Democracy is but one of the films, books, and investigations that have pointed to vote manipulation in America. Problem is, far too many people dismiss them. They might want to believe it couldn't happen here, we are the bastion of democracy, after all. America in the minds of many is the most free, most correct, and best democracy in the world. They cringe away from evidence clearly showing them what they can't imagine. Hacking Democracy does just that.

Hacking Democracy chronicles a journey began by a Seattle woman concerned about voting irregularities. She seeks out experts, and together they travel the country documenting myriad problems with voting in America. They even demonstrate how easy it is to hack the voting machines in a real-time situation in, of all places, Florida. The group hacks county machines right in front of county officials who are, as one might expect, flabbergasted. They find voter backup documentation in dumpsters and trash bags, they confront election officials who show contempt for the vote, and they posit questions as about voting in America. One of the big concerns raised is why do companies with proprietary software they won't allow even officials to view have complete control over the vote count in many places?

If you don't have HBO or miss your chance to see Hacking Democracy, go to www.hackingdemocracy.com for more information as well as the chance to order the DVD. It is also available on Netflix. If you are skeptical, see it with an open mind and look at the facts presented, then decide if you fully trust the way voting is done in your area.

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Hacking Democracy on HBO

HBO began a new run of the Emmy nominated documentary Hacking Democracy (IMDB) in May of

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